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key product:

 High mountain oral liquid  Qi, nourishing yin and promoting blood circulation. For the deficiency of Qi and Yin, blood stasis caused by fatigue, less gas lazy words, Insomnia, dizzy wait for disease.
 Silver spirit mixture  Replenishing qi, nourishing yin. For the operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, two patients with Qi Yin deficiency syndrome can improve the symptoms, increase the white blood cells and improve the immune function.
 Cough syrup  Cough expectorant. Cough caused by a cold.
 Jianerqing   Clearing away heat and removing toxin, eliminating stagnation and stomach. For cough, sore throat, loss of appetite, abdominal distension.
 Xiao'er Jianwei syrup   Jianpixiaoshi, clearing heat and nourishing yin. For the spleen and stomach yin deficiency caused by loss of appetite, indigestion.
 Honeysuckle   Clearing away heat and toxin. For children with prickly heat toxin, hot thirsty.
 Syrup of Rhizoma
 Used for cough and phlegm, cough phlegm, bronchitis.

Other products:

Three seven piece Shengmai Decoction Shiquandabu wine
concentrated divitamins and sodium phosphate syrup Fritillaria of flowers Naoxinshu oral liquid
Huoxiangzhengqi water Yangxueanshensyrup Lead wire
Honeysuckle mixture Chuanbeipipa granule Chuanbeipipa syrup
Fruit syrup danqi tablets Banlangen Granules
Xian Zhuli Fritillary flower extract Motherwort granule
Shilintong granule Xiaojianzhong Decoction Vertical basin grass particles
Xian Rong Yang oral liquid Syrup of compound Bamboo juice mixture
Fat syrup        
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